SmartURBuild envisions to be a niche player and a market leader in providing consulting, advisory and managed services for Safe, Sustainable, Affordable and Resilient Structures worldwide through strategic partnerships with stakeholders.

Our direct business intent is to make all of the sustainable solutions broadly accessible and affordable so they can reach as many building stakeholders as possible.

Our teams are committed to see how stakeholders will be able to achieve more because of our unique offerings through partnerships and about our collective opportunity ahead to save planet Earth.

'Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion.' –Jack Welch

SmartURBuild promises a leadership that brings in affordable and advanced solutions to increase green footprint. The costs for such initiatives become miniscule against tremendous delta value generated by enabling consistent commitment to sustainable initiatives. Globally, the digital technologies combined with stakeholder commitments to sustainability initiatives are transforming built environments to be FUTURE READY. The body of knowledge in built environments is being enriched with advanced engineering, technologies and ever increasing power of computing including data science and AI. The pattern is becoming ubiquitous and distributed as more and more nations are embracing sustainability actions both at policy and compliance levels.

We at SmartURBuild engage in interactive models and scientific interfaces between built environments, building performance, and human-first as user with behavioral modeling, opposed to conventional approaches in the construction and real estate management that lack holistic bearings for sustainability. SmartURBuild team comes with a unique proposition to address sustainability. The smart bearing is all about listening, learning and leading building performance in real time and ensuring overall built environments as integral parts of livable cities that mean commitment to sustainability, inclusivity, resilience and regenerative actions.

We firmly believe that integrated approaches especially to address sustainable urban built environments advance and shape the next phase of innovation in construction and real estate industry. It is going to create new opportunities for people and improving building performance everywhere to experience the goodness of clean, lean and green built environments that progressively bring down the overall costs of real estate development and maintenance across the building lifecycle.

'The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.'-Aristotle

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At SmartURBuild, our mission is to empower and smarten every building with users, building fabric and services to talk dynamically in real time and achieve highly effective performance to save and sustain the change. Core to this mission is deep insights and alignment to performance indicators, scientifically, that are relevant to Sustainable Development Goals mandated by United Nations. Our ambition is to support millions of buildings in this era to be FUTURE READY and consistently contribute as ‘value engineering and sustainability’ player in the built environment industry with honest endeavours through partnerships with building stakeholders.
Our long-term partnerships combine the power of our technological approach - including value engineering services, sustainability services in a managed services model taking end to end responsibility to promise the benefits and value to be passed on the stakeholders. All stakeholders and beneficiaries together through partnerships will witness comprehensive engineering and technology solutions being deployed and benefits are measured and shared timely.

SmartURBuild will ensure more stakeholders to access the tools and platforms they need to build their own digital capability.with state-of-the-art digital portal combined with onsite service model

SmartURBuild services cover North American, Middle East and Asian markets offering end to end and sustainable service delivery with local support. At SmartURBuild, we don't deliver service for the sake service, but rather we deliver value where beneficiaries are empowered to do gain more building performance efficiencies with low costs.
Our methodology adapts and integrates best practices in the industry aligned end to end. With research studies considering many solutions evolved in nature and complex manmade problems that exist, we cover nature inspired ‘Design Thinking’ and ‘ Lean’ as business methodologies that promote the flow of considerable value to the stakeholders through two principle and guiding tenets: Continuous improvement and respect for human experience in the built environment for sustainability.

Scientific Methods, Methodologies and Models matter for a great change.

While industry demands solutions for pressing problems relevant to the respective contexts in current timelines, it takes a whole lot of innovative approaches and deep rooted strategy to sync in and create awareness of daunting tasks related to sustainability with tested practices and methodologies to execute the tasks and promise the sustenance.


'A change in Quantity also entails a change in Quality.' – Engels Friedrich

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The foundation philosophy of SmartURBuild is to bring aspects of built environment information with traceability, visibility and transparency through effective empiricism. It encompasses digitally automated processes with scientific, authentic and precision data. We advocate and promote ‘digital empiricism’ with methodically driven utilization of countless built environment data, information and knowledge derivatives that are generated through physical and digital studies which proactive enable useful strategies that help improve building performance significantly.

The methodology covers various quantitative and qualitative steps including many techniques and standard operating procedures and not limited to a) engineering and technology tools (BIM, AI, ML, DL, LiDAR, IoT etc., b) scientific processes (Cybernetics, Cognitive, Informatics, Telematics etc), c) researched and well established techniques, knowledge based expert systems for integration of various data sets (e.g. building science; as-builts; building services including water, sewer, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, fire, HVAC, geothermal, landscape; green building indices; user behaviors and expectations; power consumption; equipment ratings, operation and maintenance schedules; local climate and weather conditions; renewable energy etc.), and d) expertise from domain experts to generate countless information derivatives and efficacies with utmost veracity that help in analytics and sustainable change recommendations for ensuring savings on continual basis across the life of a building and allied asset performance management, e) Relevant compliance processes, model codes, standards and performance oriented rating systems leading to certifications (USGBC LEED, BREEAM, ICC-International Code Council and others) for design, build and maintenance for safe, affordable, resilient and sustainable structures.
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We continuously empanel experts worldwide and engage in interactions and project executions with inclusive delivery approach that provides onsite and offsite support during the project lifecycle and record of data and processes through portal environment in real time. The delivery mechanisms are designed in such a manner to help bench mark processes and outcomes that are contextual and varying with geographies, local climates, building typologies, land uses, and buildings usages, local bye laws, country codes, engineering standards, green initiatives with compliance structure and allied body of knowledge relevant to building subjects in question.

'An expert is someone who has succeeded in making decisions and judgments simpler through knowing what to pay attention to and what to ignore.'– Edward de Bono

Combination of tacit and explicit expertise reinforces the decision support system.

'It takes a great man to give sound advice tactfully, but a greater to accept it graciously.' – J.C.Macaualy

SmartURBuild has a board of advisors who in their individual capacities lead the sustainability practices, value engineering, and technology integration with practical approaches to problem solving.
The board is composed of practitioners, academicians, technocrats, project management professionals, chartered engineers, policy authors, subject matter experts, developers and promoters.
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